Employing Christian Science_

Christian Science relies on a principle as the basis of health and harmony and establishes these as the norm of being.  Anything in your experience that doesn't manifest physical, mental, or moral harmony is not the truth of your being and can be removed through mental treatment.  

As a Christian Science practitioner, I have been taught to identify the material laws underlying problems and work with patients to debunk foundations of material laws, replacing them with the knowledge of the divine principles that upholds the essence of our true being.  Together, we put thought to work in the direction of attaining health, harmony or holiness and affirming our divine right to it. 

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"Metaphysical or divine Science reveals the Principle and method of perfection, — how to attain a mind in harmony with God, in sympathy with all that is right and opposed to all that is wrong, and a body governed by this mind."

- Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer of Christian Science

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