About me_ 

Ali Ziesler, C.S.

[ A Journal-listed public practitioner]


Healing is revealing what is already true about you.  You are healthy, capable, moral. Sometimes we don't feel that way.  When we feel limited by human ability, Christian Science shows us that true identity actually reflects a divine source that never runs out of ability.  My job is to help you know that source of being and apply its power to manifest change in your life.

I have studied Christian Science and practiced it as a system of healing for more than 20 years.  My life experience has taught me that we are each meant to be the fullest expression of our unique identities and I have found Christian Science a most-effective way to open the door of thought and gain dominion over perceived limits.  Its method has transformed lives, bringing physical, mental, and moral healing to thousands.  You are invited to read some of my personal healings.

I live in Park City, UT with my husband and our three children.  I practice Christian Science for healing daily, and our household continues to demonstrate physical, mental, moral, spiritual harmony with steady progress.  We discuss metaphysical principles and how they are coming forward in science, community, business, environmental, home, political and personal situations around the globe.  I look forward to being part of your life as you gain spiritual knowledge and its power to overcome any challenge.  


Feel free to call or email anytime.