April 15, 2019

I recently filled out a survey that asked me whether I felt that I deserved to suffer a consequence for making a mistake.  That made me think.  What is a mistake?  What is a consequence?  I feel that I make mistakes every day -- I might do my errands in the wrong order; I may be late to pick up my kids; I might choose the wrong shoes for the circumstances.  I say something I wish I hadn't said; I...

November 7, 2016

If there was a system of thinking that defined God as infinite Love, a source of true power, would you be interested in knowing about it?  Christian Science defines God as Love.  Is it okay to bring God into our discussions, thoughts, perspectives anymore?  Well, a lot of people don't want to.  And who can blame them... The common conceptions of God are made in the image of man, anthropomorphic an...

May 31, 2015

If you're going to be a scientific thinker, why bother with the science of Christ?  


Because applying scientific analysis to the Bible and life of Christ Jesus results in human healing of every nature.


Doing this work employs the same rigor that any other science would.  It requires drawing from a base of knowledge -- in this case, the spiritual essence of the Scriptures -- and then util...

What does it mean to be a scientific thinker?


Question things until they make sense.

Draw from a larger body of knowledge.

Put thoughts into action in a practical manner.


All children are scientific thinkers.

Inherently, all of us are scientific thinkers.  


There are a lot of blogs out there celebrating people's food, fears, fables, foibles, and frolicking.  This blog is for redisco...

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The infinite need for Love

November 7, 2016

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