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Being a Christianly scientific thinker

If you're going to be a scientific thinker, why bother with the science of Christ?

Because applying scientific analysis to the Bible and life of Christ Jesus results in human healing of every nature.

Doing this work employs the same rigor that any other science would. It requires drawing from a base of knowledge -- in this case, the spiritual essence of the Scriptures -- and then utilizing that knowledge in the laboratory of daily life.

Jesus was the best scientist that ever lived. He walked on water, healed incurable disease, read thoughts. How did he do that?

He only knew as God knew -- a God of only good, merciful love. This was not a pitying love, but an empowering love that removed sins, fears, ailments and revealed the true identity of man.

The Science of Christ, or Christian Science, is the study and practice of what Jesus knew inherently -- the understanding of God's glorious nature and man's true nature as reflection. The practice of Christian Science is the continual alignment of one's thought with this reality of being.

The cool thing about this type of scientific thinking is that there are countless opportunities to practice it -- anytime you encounter fear, a pit in your tummy, disease, anger, loneliness, anything that is disturbing to you.

Because its application is mental, the aid of this science is always there, ready to be called on and put into action.

You can practice yourself though reading the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, or you can call on a practitioner of Christian Science to aid you.

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