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The infinite need for Love

If there was a system of thinking that defined God as infinite Love, a source of true power, would you be interested in knowing about it? Christian Science defines God as Love. Is it okay to bring God into our discussions, thoughts, perspectives anymore? Well, a lot of people don't want to. And who can blame them... The common conceptions of God are made in the image of man, anthropomorphic and variable. Christian Science makes God exclusively spiritual, existing wholly outside of mortality and man in that image. God is defined as Father-Mother, with names of Principle, Life, Love, Spirit, Soul, Truth, Mind. These are derived from the spiritual essence Bible. These names, in turn, unite to create an image of man and woman as the reflection of infinite qualities of goodness such as honesty, creativity, vigor, joy and health. Whatever you feel that you are lacking, you can be sure that God has already given it to you and it is your opportunity now to open up your thought to see it in your experience. That is the true nature of Love after all -- the infinite giver and source of all good.

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