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Spiritual insight, practical tools.

Principle-powered parenting

These sessions were developed during COVID-19 quarantine, and introduce Principle-powered parenting to help us parent more effectively.


Whether you are giving birth at home or in a hospital, everyone wants a harmonious birth.  Women face many fears on their ability to give birth naturally.  My practice helps women understand their ability to do what their body is designed to do, how to work with the birth process, and overcome any physical or mental limitation on her ability.  

Empowered relationships

Healing in relationships always starts with ourselves.

This can be hard; this can appear scary.  But you are ready for it.

Looking at what is hard and scary reveals exactly what is ready to be healed.  

Christian Science work with a practitioner will enable you to identify and untwist the fears that lead to ignorance, hurt, or fear within our families and relationships.  

Empowered with spiritually-minded Christian Science treatment, we find courage to battle down these fears until their unreality appears and light shines on what is true.​

Revitalizing Your Life: For Men

With silent and ever-pressing demands on manhood, it is easy to become tired and feel drained.  But this mortal sense of life is lifted through Christian Science treatment.   We are meant to live life fully!  Working with a practitioner of Christian Science, you will find a mental environment conducive to honest self-examination, supported by spiritual love, and able to honestly face fear.  Using the moral courage to face fear and supported by a Christian Science practitioner, you will instantly feel the empowerment of spiritual strength and find support to break through old, destructive patterns of thought to reveal your true, beautiful, strong, capable self - your true being.

The courage of womanhood

Explore the spiritual truth of who you are, what womanhood is, and how to use it.  Courage, ability, spiritual strength, alertness, worthiness are part of womanhood.  How are you using these to inform your sense of self and the actions you inspire?

Defeating addiction

Mortal mind is rapacious.  It wants to consume.  Addiction to anything is a result of the animality of mind being fed.  So how do we deprive it of its power?  We can by seeing and knowing its tricks and claiming a mind otherwise, which is our true heritage and right mind, leading to balanced and purposeful action.

Understanding the Higher Power in Recovery

Every 12-step Recovery program talks about the Higher Power.  That Higher Power is found by learning what it is, not just a blind faith.  Christian Science reveals the Higher Power as the ever-presence of Truth, Life, and Love.  Christian Science treatment provides healing, but also helps you know this Higher Power intimately.  You can use that knowledge to heal and handle thoughts that lead to addictive behavior.  It will teach you how to know yourself anew, heal wounds from the past, and see yourself as never touched by the addiction, sin, or terror.

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